Who doesn’t love the holidays?

it’s the season that billions of people all over the world look forward to every year.

The beach holidays are the favourite among many, but where you are headed is just as important as choosing between mountains vs beaches for your holidays.

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Why choose beach holidays in New Zealand

The classic kiwi summer is everything you have been looking forward to.

Relieve the stress from work
Live the experience
Enjoy the beaches

From the street edge - amazing!

Although we don't always think of the beautiful shore front of Taupo as a 'Beach' it very much is and probably one of the most picturesque spots in New Zealand - 'oh and there are no rips or sharks to worry about'.

Cathedral Cove at The Coromandel

This is a fantastic beach where you can enjoy the stunning view and the marvelous waters. It’s a popular tourist spot where there are many attractions.

Mt Maunganui at Bay of Plenty

Ready to explore the local culture? Come to Mt Maunganui Bay of Plenty where you can get your first surfing lessons and catch some waves. It’s usually voted among the top when it comes to cleanliness and the view.

The Ninety Mile Beach

Up for a challenge this time? You’re probably going to spend your whole day here, so pack up your favorite snacks, some water, and enjoy the entire length of this beach. There are a lot of bodyboarding sports done here and you have up to 55 miles to swim.

Things to do in New Zealand


Ever watched the great trilogy of the Hobbits? No, the scenery wasn’t CGI, can you believe it? Well, what’s more unbelievable is that it was shot in New Zealand and you can actually go there to visit those classic vistas

Explore the culture

One of the fascinating things about New Zealand is the Māori culture. It is the indigenous culture and there are so many fascinating things about it including the HAKA and the traditional tattoos.

Extreme Sports

One of the reasons why a lot of people go to the beaches is actually thanks to the sports we have available to us here in NZ. We have surfing, bodyboarding, and jumping spots all over the beaches. There is something for everyone you just need to dive right in!


Here at beach holiday New Zealand, we give you a list of just some of the best things you can do.

This includes things such as eating the local dishes, going to Christchurch, Queenstown, the geothermal valleys, Franz Joseph Glacier, or the peaks of Aoraki Mount Cook.

You can try to get a straight answer, but every kiwi will answer you differently.

The best beach for you depends on what you like, but you’ll definitely find your beach of choice in somewhere in New Zealand - that is for sure.

We care about your experience which is why we have put a lot of content about beach holiday stays in New Zealand.

Stay tuned for more blogs to come in the future.

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We truly believe that the beaches in New Zealand are the absolute best in the world and great for any holiday. Go on - treat yourself!

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